16 June 2014

Why is this happening? Facebook recognizes that each user has hundreds of connections to friends, family, and businesses on Facebook who are all regularly sharing content. In an effort to avoid overwhelming individuals with Facebook News Feed content, Facebook introduced the News Feed Algorithm (formerly known as EdgeRank). Facebook recently made some changes that they […]

13 January 2014

A lot of thought and hard work goes into building a successful website in saudi arabia. Today’s users demand fast load times, valuable content, professional aesthetics, and HTML5′s interactivity. if you haven’t kept up with the latest trends in website design, you’ve probably seen your traffic dwindle. You may have even seen negative growth. That’s […]

11 January 2014

Like the sound of Weddings.Photography fforget-com-godaddy-offers-14-new-website-domain-extensions (1)or your BUSINESS WEBSITE ? Or Saudi.photography or jeddah.estate? Godaddy allowing people to pre-register for 14 new domain extensions starting today, including both “.photography” and “.guru.” While websites currently end with familiar domain extensions such as “.com,” “.org,” “.net,” and “.org,” that is all changing. That’s critical for entrepreneurs, […]

29 July 2013

    It’s no secret that different colors evoke different emotions in us, and that marketers have been taking advantage of this for years. But which colors spur which emotions? Perhaps most notably, it is said that red stimulates the appetite. That’s why the color is so prevalent with national food chains like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, […]

21 July 2013

What a long, strange trip it’s been for Marketing. From the first magazine published in 1741, to the first billboards in the late 1800s, the art of getting the public’s attention and turning it into sales has gone through a dramatic evolution over the past few hundred years.

19 July 2013

You wouldn’t start an ad campaign without a strategy. You shouldn’t post on Facebook without one, either. Nearly every business that hasn’t yet jumped aggressively into social media is looking to. Few, though, really have a clear idea of what they are trying to accomplish, how they should approach it and what resources and commitments […]

16 July 2013

Hiring an ad agency is a big investment for a company. An ad agency insider explains how to get the most out of that investment. There’s a cynical saying in the advertising business that clients get the work that they deserve. Derisive? Absolutely. Accurate? Unfortunately, sometimes…yes. Let’s put our cards on the table. Overused though […]

15 July 2013

What works today is the exact opposite of what worked a decade ago. If you think of marketing as the same thing it was twenty (or even ten) years ago, you’re basically screwed. The reason is simple. What works today is the opposite of what worked in the past. The Old Rules Here’s are the […]

15 July 2013

Be honest: Is that Web design as attractive as it was five years ago? Here are key signs it might be time to rebuild. I’ve received a decent number of compliments on my website over the years. To be sure, it’s a pretty good one and it has served me well, but I’ve decided that […]

14 July 2013

Gaining popularity on social media is only half the battle. How do you convert those “Likes” into paying customers? According to data compiled by Wishpond, a maker of social-media marketing applications, 77 percent of business-to consumer (B2C) marketers have acquired customers through Facebook, while business-to-business (B2B) marketers have found more success on LinkedIn — finding […]