3 tips for B2B branding through social media

26 July 2013


The following are 3 tips for B2B branding through social media:

1) Remember that businesses are “human.”

Keep in mind that behind every business is a person – a real person who experiences emotions and who wants someone to really listen and understand them in regards to their pain points. Social media offers easier ways for businesses owners or executives to reach out to their audiences. They can then offer up their company’s message in ways that are less pushy or intimidating than most direct-marketing tactics to prospective clients. After the relationship is initiated, social media then provides superior ways to more thoroughly engage with the decision-makers within the business, allowing them to express themselves and their needs.

2) Make your business and its offerings stand out from those of your competition.

Remember what I said above in regards to how some brands have become a lot more recognizable than others? There are probably many analytics and metrics that show the reasons why this is the case. Whatever the reason, these companies have somehow made themselves stand out and this certainly makes a difference in their sales and ROI. Social media now provides many ways to differentiate your company from the rest – either through memorable YouTube videos; excellent blog content; memorable Twitter and Facebook posts – the opportunities are endless.

3) Demonstrate that your business is noticeable, credible and likeable

Your business has a name, a logo, and maybe even a tag line. These are very important elements of a successful business, but will mean nothing if no one sees, believes, or likes you. Social media gives businesses a way to advertise and promote themselves in acceptable ways. Ads can be purchased to be displayed on Facebook and LinkedIn, for example. As well, a company can publish and broadcast its blog posts via platforms such as Twitter to draw people towards their websites. When social media is used in moderation, a business can be seen as a leader in its industry and can gain a favorable reputation, both among its clients and its competitors.

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